How’s Bentley Approved – Sure Fit Harness -Gentle Leader Head Collar -Tug a Jug

The Premier Sure Fit Harness is the best harness for your small puppy or your huge dog! You don’t have to slide your dog’s leg through a loop, or wrestle with a buckle on the belly. Other brands are a nightmare to fit, choke the dog, and most importantly do not fit correctly.  I’ve seen dogs slide out of inferior harnesses. If you want the best harness for your dog, get a Premier Sure Fit Harness. Sit Stay has a great price. CLICK the image below to visit Sit Stay and shop for Premier Sure Fit Harness.
Sure-Fit Harness, X-Small, 1/2

Orbee makes tough balls, in all sizes. What I like most is that you can choose the perfect size ball that’s best for your puppy dog. Click the images below to purchase the perfect size Orbee Tough Ball from Sit Stay, a trusted on line dog supply store. You will not find these at a better price!

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Orbee Tough Ball – Small 2.25″, Medium 3.25″, Large 4.25″ .

Orbee-Tuff Ball, Small
Click the image to visit Sit Stay and order Orbee Tough Ball – 2 1/4″ Small, 3 1/4″ Medium or 4 1/4″ Large.

All animals’ instincts are to feed and reproduce. We’ve pretty much eliminated those two important tasks, and some dogs are out of balance.

Throw your dog’s food bowl away! Get this food dispensing dog toy, exercise that rascal and have some fun!

The Tug a Jug comes in 2 sizes, so there’s one that’s just right for your puppy or dog.

Click the Tug a Jug picture below to visit sitstay and order one for your dog!

Tug-a-Jug, Small

Here’s a video of Bentley playing with the tug-a-jug. I shot it with my iPhone 3G. The tug -a- jug is filled with dog kibble in the video.

The Gentle Leader Head Collar is a great tool for dogs that pull on walks. It does take a bit of practice to use, and is not for all dogs or people. It will not fit dogs with flat faces. I call the Gentle Leader head collar a nylon valium. It has a natural calming effect on some dogs. You’ll need to watch the video as correct fit is very important. CLICK the image to order from Sit Stay which includes a dvd video. Gentle Leader, Medium w/ DVD

Whistle Come – Dog Behavior Book Store

One reason I decided to study canine behavior modification was because I was frustrated by the conflicting advice from everyone and their brothers!

Patricia McConnell is a animal behaviorist who specializes in canine behavior modification. Her books are for lay people and have easy to follow instructions. I advise clients to read these books and try out the suggestions – before they hire me to help.

Dog Behavior at Amazon Book Store

Whistle Come – Dog Ball Store

My Australian terrier, Bentley, destroys tennis balls (and plush toys) in minutes! I got tired of buying tennis balls and other plush toys – not much bang for the buck. I found these Orbee tough balls, made especially for dogs that like to destroy toys! One of thenest things about Orbee (besides their durability, bounciness, and buoyancy, is the different sizes. a Papillion needs a smaller ball, and a Rottweiler needs a larger ball. Size Matters!

Here’s the best balls at the best prices!

Amazon Ball Store for Dogs